Established in 2014, TTA Architects is an Architectural and Interior Design Consultant and Construction Company, specializes in Residential, Building, Office, Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee Shop and Spa Projects. We are Architects, Engineers, Designers with years of experience working in major companies with completion of many Residential, Villas, and Building Projects.  We combine the best consulting experience, strict management, construction supervision, accurate progress and commitment to quality to ensure the trust of the owner and improve quality and prestige of our company.


Based on the survey, needs and benefits of residential project owners, developers for buildings, offices and other commercial purposes, we will consult some options and solutions to optimize the space and architectural highlights and interior design to create the unique style of each owner. We always optimize the smartest investment for our customers, but ensuring the most exquisite architectural products will be the pride of our customers through actual living experience.


TTA Architecure always ensures the perfection in all details of our projects with our existing facilities and construction team. We guaranteed the accuracy of the completion in time and material quantity to get through the final stage of construction. We prepared the backup plan for any sudden rise circumstance for owners. And we are flexible in adjusting changes requesting from owners.